ocean lover Gift guide

If you’re on the hunt for some awesome gifts for ocean and beach lover then you’ve come to the right place. I have put together a gift-giving guide for your beach, surf and ocean friends, partner and family or for yourself.

Gifts under 50€

Surf Ears, they will protect your ears from the cold water. So no more ear pain after surf

Single Fin Collection Paintings, beautiful drawings of surf, beaches and even from cities all over the world.

Coconut Bowls, for your breakfast, Buddha bowls or just to serve some chips.

Workout clothes, what better way to start the new year with some new stylish and functional workout clothes. Makes the way to gym much easier. Especially for women a good fitting and strong sports bra can make the difference. I use the “Stronger for it” bra by adidas, which is the queen of sports bras.

Gifts under 100€

Surf Style Training, for surfers and non surfers. An amazing online training for only 99€ per year.

Surf Watch, shows you the tides of all the surfspots. So you’re never again late for a session. The watches start under a 100€ and go up in the pricing.

Jewellery, I love ocean inspired jewelry. My favorites are Awattz Design and Hana Maui Creations and I love the necklaces from

Gifts under 200€

Wetsuit, every surfer needs a wetsuit. Even if you are just beginner. Believe me it’s much nicer to have your own, not yet peed in by a dozen of people.

A proper blanket, for the beach, in your camper, tent or just for a cosy time on the couch.Get 15% of with the code: XMAS1.

Magazin Subscription, like ready, its 9,99€ a month for more than 3000 magazines.

Surfing book, what over 100€ for a surfing book? Yes, but it’s huge and it has the whole history with beautiful photography from the beginning of surfing till now.

For the ones who have a bigger gifting budget:

GoPro, no better water cam on the market. No need to tell much more.

Kiteboard, even you don’t live by the ocean, a strapless freestyle board will get you fun in flat water or in waves.

Waterfi waterproof IPod, listen to your favorite tunes whilst kiting, surfing or swimming.

Happy gifting ;)

Laila Puehringer