First steps to reduce trash and go Zero Waste

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How to go Zero Waste

Most of my friends know that I am trying to live as much as possible the Zero Waste lifestyle.

What does that mean? It means that I try not to produce/buy anything that I would have to put in the trash!

Around 2 years ago I started to change my life as much as possible to a less trash lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong its not always easy and sometimes its almost impossible, especially when you travel a lot like me. But its just horrible to see how much trash is on the beaches and streets, and this is only the trash you see! As well a lot of studies have shown that plastic is not healthy at all!

When I used to do the grocery shopping I always unwrapped and unpacked all the veggies, fruits, cheese and bread. By the end of the unwrapping of one shopping bag my trash bin was half full with plastic waste….what a shame. So I started to make research how I can produce less plastic or even paper trash.

So I will show you a few first steps to change your life to a better, healthier and environmental better lifestyle!



  • When I go shopping for grocery I always take 1 to 3 cotton bags with me, so I don’t need to get a plastic bag. As well when I go to the bakery, I tell the saleswomen to put the bread straight in one of this cotton bags (where I also keep it stored at home). Also use them when you go shopping for clothes or other stuff.


  • I refuse to take any extra plastic bags which they want to give for free at the shop. All my fruits and vegetables also go into cotton bags and i put the price label stickers on the cotton bag. At the counter for meat and cheese I give them my glass tupperware, my favorite ones are from Ikea. I really never ever had a problem with that. Again they put the priceable on the tupperware.


  • Buy products you usually by in cans (which are also not healthy for you) in glass. As well you can use the glasses afterwords for storing food or you just recycle them.


  • In some town you can find shops which are selling all products with our packaging. In Vienna its the Lunzers. Or you go to a market near your home a get some fresh fruits and vegetables straight in your cottons bags.



  • I banned paper towels from my kitchen, I use cotton towels instead which are easy to wash when they are dirty. As well I use the cotton towels to wrap my sandwich and fruits, instead of using aluminium foil or similar. Instead of the usual cleaning supplies I use a Wettex, which you can easily wash in the washing machine. At this link you can find more reusable cleaning supplies for your zero waste home:


  • Recycle between paper, glass and organic waste. If you have no other chance then getting plastic use the right recycle bins for it.



  • Get packed free shampoo, toothpaste,  cremes and even deodorant at LUSH. Its amazing how much beauty products you can get without any plastic waste.



  • When I pack my self lunch or a snack I always use, the glass tupperware, a glass jar or a box with lots of space for more then one dish.
  • I always carry my glass bottle with me. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, I like the EMIL.




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